Faculty of Medicine: The Journey to International Program Accreditation

It is an ongoing effort and an ambitious endeavor with no limits in achieving goals, following precise scientific principles and systems, and adhering to national and international quality standards. Since its establishment in 2007 at the International University, the College of Medicine has had clear objectives, and everyone decided not to repeat or imitate.

An integrated team engaged in performing a magnificent symphony, where there is no discord. Each member of the team memorizes the notes well and realizes their importance in the performance, understanding that they are an essential part of achieving the goal and completing the melody of success.

The program accreditation achieved today by the College of Medicine, which automatically leads to international recognition and joins the institutional accreditation, is the result of wise leadership, whether at the university level or at the college level. It is a result of interaction and integration among everyone in order to achieve the goal.

You won’t have to exert much effort to discover the spirit of teamwork that manifests in every stage of work and its details. Working in this college is not just a job to be done and that’s it, but it is a beautiful harmony that unites roles and synchronizes tasks. It results in excellence, achieves accomplishments, and realizes goals.

These are the keys to success that this youthful college possesses, which has surpassed and outperformed its predecessors.

Indeed, congratulations to the team and congratulations!

Congratulations to the students, and congratulations to the graduates! Vast horizons as expansive as the universe lie ahead of them, ready to unfold.