The Faculty of Medicine is one of the faculties of the Libyan International Medical University and the study is stage of higher education.

The objectives of the faculty are to provide the country with doctors who are able to provide health care and medical services to the patient, as well as carrying out research and medical studies that contribute to the development of health services in Libya, and contribute to raising the level of health professional development and continuing medical education, as well as the strengthening of scientific links with colleges university and similar bodies in the world, to open door to the community to interact with them in the dissemination of knowledge and health awareness, and participation in multiple activities and contribute support a number of them through their scientific cadres their own potential.


Dean\’s message

Welcome to Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine as one of the Libyan International Medical University faculties provides a tremendous opportunity for our students to excel in a forwarding thinking, and learning rich environment. We are committed to providing a solid foundation in medicine within a hands-on, experiential learning environment. We are extremely proud of our faculty lecturers who breath life and excitement into our courses and lead the students to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, self-learners, team players, managers, and most of all humans. Our Faculty is also proud of its culture of diversity and inclusive excellence that makes the Faculty of Medicine at LIMU an exciting place to work and learn.


Dr. Jamal Eltalhi


Faculty Council

  1. Dean of the Faculty
  2. Vice Dean.
  3. Heads of Departments.
  4. Registrar Office.
  5. Quality Assurance Office.
  6. Study and Examination Office.
  7. Clinical Phase Supervisor.
  8. Phase Coordinators.

Mission of the Faculty

  1. To graduate qualified physicians capable of delivering health care services nationally, regionally and internationally based on the university’s commitment to social accountability.
  2. To graduate physicians capable of implementing self-directed, lifelong learning strategies
  3. To graduate competent physicians capable of pursuing specialized higher education
  4. To graduate competent physicians capable of conducting scientific research according to the needs of the community.

The Vision

The faculty to be at the forefront of medical faculties according to the international quality standards of academic excellence, and regionally to be the most attractive college for students from other countries