Dr. Jamal Ali Al-Talhi, Dean of the Faculty of  Medicine, held a meeting on March 9, 2019. In the presence of Dr. Basheer Al Oreibi, Vice Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Osman Al-Tajouri, Supervisor of the Clinical Phase, Head of the Surgery Department, Dr. Nasrallah Al-Saidi and the members of the Department of Surgery, to Discuss some issues related to the progress of the study and the development of the educational process and agreed on the following:

1- Involving faculty members in teaching and research programs.

2 – Conducting workshops for faculty members during the holy month of Ramadan.

3 – Unification of theoretical and practical teaching methods for faculty members.

4 – solve some of the problems facing the progress of the faculty.

5 – Agreement on the obligation to deliver the questions of the final exams in sufficient time and activate the examination committees.

6 – Conduct periodic meetings by the head of the department of surgery with faculty members.

The participants took a tour after the end of the meeting within the university, including the new buildings, and also briefed the participants on some scientific activities carried out by the students.