During the past two days the Faculty of Medicine staff held an important meeting under the chairmanship of the Dean of the faculty, Dr. Jamal Al-Talhi, in which he discussed a number of important issues such as students requests, students stumbling blocks, the electronic curriculum and assessment exams, The faculty recruitment needs and building bridges of communication with parents.

It is noteworthy that the staff of the Faculty of Medicine undertake a number of tasks through the coordinators of the stages of the study, such as the distribution of students to study groups for lectures and various laboratories and panel discussions, and coordination with faculty on the curriculum and delivery of absence monitoring models, Preparing periodic announcements and training students and faculty members to use the electronic curriculum system (MODEL).

The team of the Faculty of Medicine will also carry out other tasks through the Department of education and Examinations, such as receiving questions, examinations and coordination with the Medical Education Unit, supervising the printing and archiving of final exam questions  and electronically, preparing periodic reports on the progress of the examinations and submitting them to the faculty Administration for approval Continuing assessment exams and instructional supervisors.