Handover/takeover of El Eka clinic

Pursuant to the convention on the understanding ,support and partnership between the Libyan International Medical University and the Libyan Red

student Mahmod Adbesh

On 11.5.2017, the intern ship student , Mahmod Adbesh, presented an educational lecture to the doctors of the children’s hospital

College recreational activities

On Thursday, 18/5/2017, the Faculty of Medicine of the Libyan International University organized an entertainment spring trip for students, faculty

Psychiatry Final Exam

Psychiatry Final Written Exam was done on 25th.Dec.2017. at LIMU’s Main Hall. Under the supervision of Dr. Abdalaziz Elnaihoum (Head

Emergency Medicine Final Exam

Emergency Medicine Final Written Exam was done on 21st.Dec.2017. at LIMU’s Main Hall. Under the supervision of vice dean, and

Ophthalmology Final Exam

On 17th.Dec.2017, Faculty of Medicine has organized the final OSCE of Ophthalmology, under the supervision of Dr. Sania Alkubte (Head

Digital Repository activation

On 10th. Dec.2017, Faculty of Medicine has activated the digital repository services. The DR-LIMU is used to save the digital

World Breast Feeding Day

 World Breast  Feeding Day on August/2017. On August 7,2017, the Faculty of Medicine at LIMU hosted the celebration of the