student Mahmod Adbesh

On 11.5.2017, the intern ship student , Mahmod Adbesh, presented an educational lecture to the doctors of the children\’s hospital in the lecture hall of the hospital under the title of ECG Interpretation and the student gets the impact on the star of the month for the doctors of excellence in the hospital. Also on …

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College recreational activities

On Thursday, 18/5/2017, the Faculty of Medicine of the Libyan International University organized an entertainment spring trip for students, faculty members and faculty members to the Eastern Region. During this trip, they organized many cultural and sports activities and prepared various foods. The aim of the trip is to get the students out of the …

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Psychiatry Final Exam

Psychiatry Final Written Exam was done on 25th.Dec.2017. at LIMU’s Main Hall. Under the supervision of Dr. Abdalaziz Elnaihoum (Head of the Department), and the faculty’s staff.

Emergency Medicine Final Exam

Emergency Medicine Final Written Exam was done on 21st.Dec.2017. at LIMU’s Main Hall. Under the supervision of vice dean, and the faculty’s staff.

Ophthalmology Final Exam

On 17th.Dec.2017, Faculty of Medicine has organized the final OSCE of Ophthalmology, under the supervision of Dr. Sania Alkubte (Head of the Department) and the faculty’s staff. The exam was exhibited in at Benghazi Aljadeda Polyclinic. The theoretical part of the exam was done on 14th. Dec.2017 at LIMU’s Main Hall.

Digital Repository activation

On 10th. Dec.2017, Faculty of Medicine has activated the digital repository services. The DR-LIMU is used to save the digital information of publications, students projects, posters, workshops, and scientific days. The contents are preserved in reliable and secure environment, to promote and protect the products of their work.

World Breast Feeding Day

 World Breast  Feeding Day on August/2017. On August 7,2017, the Faculty of Medicine at LIMU hosted the celebration of the day of breastfeeding. The event was designed in cooperation with the Benghazi University and it was under the title (Together for sustainable breastfeeding) The panel discussed the importance of breastfeeding, the ideal state, some problems, …

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Workshop on the Moodle

On July 31 ,2017, the Faculty of Medicine held a workshop for staff members and their staff to learn more about how to deal with the educational system adopted by the university. The Moodle is an electronic learning platform that is specialized in the study syllabus, through which the exams are conducted, in addition to …

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