The Faculty of Medicine and the Importance of Academic Guidance

The faculty of medicine organized a workshop on academic guidance, targeting faculty members in the departments of (Psychiatry / Family Medicine / Surgery / Internal Medicine) in preparation for initiating the provision of counseling services to its students, which are provided by faculty members to develop the students cognitively, academically and professionally, and to solve problems that may hinder their educational achievement.

It is of note that academic guidance is an essential pillar in the educational process, as it is concerned with the student and represents one of the pioneers of the educational process, where faculty members guide students and help them to solve their academic problems and improve their educational performance, and to decide on a specialization that is complementary to their abilities and capabilities and the compatibility of their preferences and desires, and support them in achieving favorable results in their educational path, to solve their academic and personal problems, to direct them to benefit from the services and capabilities that the university provides them with, to assist them in overcoming their adversaries and achieving their desired level of success, and to take care of those who excel in their studies and are talented, as well as assisting them and further enhancing their abilities.