The Faculty of  Medicine at the Libyan International University participated in the efforts of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign on the sidelines of the scientific symposium organized by the Al-Kish Clinic on Thursday morning in the main hall of the University under the title: Early detection.

The seminar was attended by Dean of the Faculty of  Medicine, Dr. Jamal Al-Talhi. The students participated in this campaign in the belief of the Faculty, including the importance of raising awareness and knowledge of breast cancer, will lead to early detection of this disease, which is associated with higher rates of survival in the long term , And that the funds raised to treat breast cancer will be a reliable source and a permanent treatment.

The Pink Ribbon is the most prominent symbol of breast cancer awareness, breast cancer efforts are sometimes called “Pink Ribbon Culture”, which promotes cultural awareness on breast cancer, the largest social movement concerned with women’s health. In many countries, October is World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.